Sell My Condo: Expert Tips for a Fast Sale

Type in the question, “How can I sell my condo quickly?” and you will find a lot of tips out there from multiple realtor sites. With experience in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, Real Condo Experts will outline some expert tips for selling your condo fast. Let’s look at the top 10 tips.

Let’s sell my condo quickly!

How to Sell My Condo

1. Choose the Right Time

Spring is generally the best time of year to sell your condo while Winter is generally the worst time, unless of course your condo is in a resort area that is ideal for winter activities!

Many buyers like to make a change in the Spring when all of nature is in bloom.

2. Stage Your Condo Effectively

Make sure you highlight each room’s original design and advantages. If you have been putting little Jimmy to sleep in his crib in the master bedroom’s walk-in-closet, make sure you change that before staging and showing your condo. You want to show that your walk-in closet is effective just as it is, so that the buyer feels good about the condo’s design and function. 

Builders usually put forethought into the function of each room and you may actually do yourself a disadvantage if you are using the room for purposes other than what was intended. 

Buyers like to imagine themselves actually living and functioning in each room. Leave the baby crib space idea to your buyer’s own imaginations if they need extra space. 

Condo or apartment-sized furniture tends to open up a room’s space while large furniture minimizes the walking space in a room making buyers feel cramped or claustrophobic.

3. Lighten it Up

Lighting and painting can also make a room appear larger. Keep your rooms well-lit and avoid darkening rooms with paint or heavy draperies.  Learn how to make your rooms appear larger.

3. Declutter

Space is a concern buyers have about condos, therefore, make sure you declutter your condo. Maximize storage space and keep appliances out of sight if they are not something you think a buyer would use regularly. If an appliance is used regularly and needs to kept on a counter, make sure you choose a space that doesn’t limit the visible working spaces around it.

4. Keep Your Condo Clean

Buyers will want to open cupboard doors, closets, and blinds. Make sure you keep your condo clean, inside and out, so that you give the best first-impression possible. Also, if there are any small fixes or repairs that need to be made around your condo, make sure to attend to these as well.  Buyers may think that you have neglected larger maintenance jobs around your place if they notice windows don’t open properly or closet doors come off their tracks. 


5. Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Don’t forget about the smell of your condo. Sometimes smell is something we overlook, but strong odours in your condo can be a big turn-off for potential buyers. Get rid of smoke, pet odours, clean the walls, and don’t cook foods with strong odours that might linger while you are in the middle of selling and showing your condo. Plants can help purify the air in your home while fresh flowers generally give off a pleasant and inviting natural odour.  Check out this article that includes 7 steps to make your home smell cozy and inviting.

6. Leave the Condo During a Showing

Buyers may feel uncomfortable asking certain questions of the realtor if you are present during the showing. If possible, plan to leave the condo while it is being shown to buyers.

7. Be flexible

Be flexible with your realtor and your showing times.  Even though it is a pain to leave your home every time someone wants to see your condo, you are actually doing yourself a favor and staying competitive.  Also, provide your realtor with easy access to your condo and throughout the building so that your condo can be shown easily, even if you happen to be out of town.  If you have concierge services, introduce your realtor.  

8. Communicate with Neighbors

It is a good idea to let your neighbors know that you are selling your condo.  Hopefully, they will be mindful of their noise and will be hospitable towards visitors.  

9. Emphasize your Condo's Amenities

If you condo building has appealing amenities like a pool, theatre, or underground parking, make sure you include photos of these.  Also, if your individual condo has unique selling points like beautiful views of the city, a unique layout, or an updated kitchen with new appliances, don’t forget to emphasize this in your marketing.  

10. Maintain Other Spaces

Don’t forget the other spaces you use in and around your condo such as Parking Spaces, Storage Lockers, and Balconies. You may be tempted to sweep your clutter into these places for temporary hiding, but buyers will be seeing these spaces and you will want to make a good impression. Therefore, keep them tidy and organized.  

We hope these 10 Sell My Condo Expert Tips will help you sell your condo quickly.  For further assistance, contact a Real Condo Expert or visit our website. Our realtors specialize in the Kitchener-Waterloo condo market.    


Jason was trust worthy, organized and professional throughout the entire process. He gave feedback and provided assistance in staging our home which sold in less than 4 days for more than the listing price. We were very pleased with his service and would recommend him to our friends and family. – Chris W.