How Tridel Became the Largest Condo Developer in Canada

Tridel is the largest LEED-certified developer in Canada. Their condominiums make up one quarter of all the residential LEED projects across the Greater Toronto Area.

In this post we’ll take a closer look at Tridel, its practices and achievements and let you know how it has become the largest condo developer in Canada. So let’s get started.

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From a Single-Family Home to Canada’s Largest Condo Developer: Tridel’s Journey

DelZotto Construction Becomes Tridel:

Tridel began back in 1934. An Italian stonemason, Jack DelZotto, who had immigrated to Canada in 1927, started his own business constructing single-dwelling homes. His three sons Angelo, Elvio, and Leo took over the business and expanded it from their father’s initial vision. Originally known as DelZotto Construction, the brothers, under the leadership of the eldest son Angelo, renamed it Tridel as a reference to the three sons.

From Single-Dwellings to Apartments to Condos:

Over time the company expanded into larger projects that included developing rental apartment buildings. With the passing of the Ontario Condominium Act , Tridel was one of the first companies to begin developing condos in the province. Today their focus has evolved from single-family homes into a specialization in condominium communities.

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Tridel Group of Companies:

Tridel has now branched out even further. Not only do they develop condominiums, but they also have sister companies that include:

  • Rental and commercial property management
  • Condominium property management
  • Seniors living
  • Furnished executive accommodations
  • Real estate brokerage

This more diversified yet “condo-focused” organization is known as the Tridel Group of Companies.


The Keys to Tridel’s Continued Success

Tridel Is Highly Innovative

One of the keys to Tridel’s success has been their ability to innovate. One of the ways that they have done this is by introducing smart home technology into their communities.

Tridel has been and continues to be an innovator

Exceptional Customer Care

Tridel provides their condo buyers with convenient, 24-hour access to information about their new home. In addition, they have a platform that lets their homeowners share any ideas that they have, talk about their experiences, and bring up and discuss any issues they have.

In fact they won BILD‘s 2019 award for Best Customer Care, an award that acknowledges Tridel’s commitment to giving “exceptional customer experience throughout the homeownership journey.

Tridel Is Committed to Sustainable Design

Not only is Tridel committed to building luxurious condominiums but they also understand the need for sustainable design. They have taken the lead in developing healthy homes with their Tridel Built Green Built for Life philosophy. This philosophy began back in 2003 and highlights their dedication to build homes that are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Healthy places to live

The Element community that they built in 2003 was the first residential condominium to use the Enwave Deep Lake Water Cooling system in Canada. And in 2006, Tridel decided to build all of their new buildings to LEED standards making them the “largest builder of sustainable condominiums in Canada.

Tridel has introduced innovative heating and cooling systems in their projects

Tridel is a Green Builder

Tridel has been named Green Builder of the Year an impressive 10 times including this year! That’s an incredible achievement and a great testimony to their commitment. The award recognizes Tridel as a “leader in sustainability, innovation and environmentally responsible leadership in building design and corporate and community initiatives.

In an interview with Daily Commercial News, Jim Ritchie, Tridel’s executive vice-president stated that “We produced about 18,000 green condominium homes that are enrolled in LEED — they are either certified silver or gold and we just did our first platinum building this year.”

Affordable Housing

Tridel has been well-known for bringing affordable housing to the GTA with projects scattered throughout the area and especially in North York and downtown. Affordable housing is a great need in Toronto and this commitment has probably helped Tridel to succeed.

Quality Design

In more recent years, Tridel has been concentrating more on giving their homeowners a quality design. An example of this is the Ten York condo that is currently being built in the South Core. It has been acclaimed for its high quality finishes, durability, and energy efficiency. It is also the third tallest building under construction in Toronto.

Ten York is acclaimed for its high quality finishes