Best in Condo Interior Design For 2020

Today we are going to take a look at the the best condo interior design ideas for 2020.

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If you are looking for inspiration to make your new condo purchase your own, here are some great ideas for you. So let’s get started.

Condo Interior Design: What's Hot This Year

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Accent your condo walls with bold art

Condo Interior Design: Popular Design Trends to Leverage

Accent Your Walls with Bold Pieces of Artwork

One of the hottest trends for condo interior design this year is bold art. Now you may not be an art connoisseur, but if you are looking update your condo, then choosing pieces with bold colours and patterns is the way to go.

Use Geometric Patterns

geometric tiles
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Geometric floor tiles are hot this year

If you want to be trendy, then try to incorporate geometric patterns into your condo interior design. You can do this by installing floor or bathroom tiles and backsplashes that have large-size geometric designs or accenting your rooms with linens, rugs, and pillows in bold colours and patterns.

Make Your Interior Come Alive with Plants

Plants look great and they are a healthy addition to your decor

Filling your home with plants not only brings a beautifully natural feel to your rooms, but it is also incredibly healthy for you and your family. 

Studies show that indoor plants give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which is the opposite to what you do. Their presence will keep your indoor air fresher and will help to eliminate harmful toxins.

According to research done by NASA, houseplants can remove as much as 87% of air toxins in a 24 hour period. They can also improve your concentration, productivity, reduce stress, and boost your mood.

Add to the Natural Beauty with Other Natural Elements

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Natural materials such as wood, granite, and stone can add to the beauty of your room

Another great condo interior design idea is to continue with a natural theme. Not only can you incorporate house plants, but you can also add many other natural materials such as granite, marble, wood, stone, and copper.

Natural materials are in for 2020, so look for as many areas as you can to use it throughout your condo. You could update your kitchen countertop with a beautiful granite one, or replace your bathroom vanity top with a marble top .

In addition, you can bring in the natural beauty of wood with plantation shutters on your windows or a natural wood cabinets in your living room.

Mix Your Metals

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Don't be afraid to mix your metals

Metals such as brass, copper, steel, and gold look great as your fixtures, decorative items and furniture accents, but don’t think that you need to use one type of metal.

Mix them up. It will look amazing. You can even throw in some brown and black metal to give your condo an added zing.

Condo Interior Design: Popular Colours in 2020

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Warm tones will be popular in 2020

Colour has the power to transform your rooms. If you are not up for a complete condo interior design makeover, simply changing up your colour scheme can do wonders for freshening up a condo that you have purchased and making it your own.

Going along with the natural theme in condo interior design this year, Cheryl Eisen of Interior Marketing Group says that organic tones will be really popular for the coming decade. You will see a shift away from the cool grays and blues of the last decade with a trend in warm neutral colours and tones.

Young Huh of Young Huh Interiors says that pastels will still be very popular in 2020. However, they should be pastels that have an “added warmth and earthy undertones.”

Condo Interior Design: Space Saving Tips

condo furniture

Keep furniture pieces to a minimum

Space is often a factor when planning out your condo interior design. Here are some great ideas for making the most of your condo space in 2020.

Less Is More When It Comes to Condo Furniture

The more furniture that you place inside of your condo, the smaller it will seem. A great design tip is to only have the furniture that you need. Overdoing it with your furniture can make your space seem cramped and cluttered.

You need to find that perfect balance of having enough but not too much. A great solution to this puzzle is to purchase pieces that are multi-functional such as a bed with pull-out drawers underneath or an ottoman with hidden storage space.

Add an Island in Your Kitchen

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A Kitchen island gives you lots of extra storage and seating space

Kitchen Islands are still popular this year and they make great sense for a condo. Islands give you a well needed combination of extra counter space, extra storage space, and extra seating space.

You can choose a style that matches your cabinetry already or if you are feeling bold, why not choose a bold accent colour so that your island pops?

Use Your Wall Space

When it comes to condo space, your walls actually have a lot of extra space just waiting to be utilized. You can use them for both function and for design impact. Here are some great wall space decor tips:

  • Hang a mirror in a narrow entrance way to make it feel larger.
  • Place glass shelves over your toilet for extra storage.
  • Install shadow boxes in your living room for your treasured keepsakes.
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